Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Writing Articles for Money $$$

I found a site where I can write an article and recieve money for it. Actually 2 but som far I have not been published on teh second one although I hear there is more money there. I am still waiting for approval on my article, I was told that it takes a bit longer at that site. is the first one and is the second one. I am including my AC article at the end of this blog so you can check them out.

You sign up for free, create a profile and voala you are a writer. I think it is a great out just like these blogs and they pay you plus you get paid when people start looking at you article.

It seems that the more original your article subject is the better you get paid. I wrote one on the Law of Attraction and they informed me that there were alot of article about it so it didn't rand so high because of the numbers that have been writen. I just submited one about horse behavior that I am hoping will get ranked a little better. So if you have a hobby that you know alot about start writting about it and make a few bucks.

Have Fun and make some money!!!

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