Monday, December 1, 2008

Making money helping otheres with their free offer sites.

Project Payday is a new opportunity that I found and there is some great money and free items to be earned here.

Basically you start out by helping others by doing trial offers for them so they can win a free gift card, video game system, tv, etc.... the key here is they pay you thru paypal usually about $25 to $50!! the trick here is that some of these offers cost a few bucks, some are free to try but most come with a trial period and after that ends then you are paying a membership fee or having something shipped to you that you will be charged for. So you have to keep really good track of what you are trying and cancel right before the time is up. If you cancel right away your trial doesn't count and you don't get paid.

Once you get that down then you start joining the sites that offer the free stuff and you pay others to sign up with the trial offers and you get the big stuff, you can then resell on ebay, locally, keep it, gift it or if it is cash you earned it and spend it if it is a gift card same thing.

I am going to go for this one really soon. I encourage you all to check it out! It is free to join!!

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