Thursday, August 30, 2012

eBay is Going Great

i just keep finding better and better things when picking for my eBay Store. Cherry Picker Boutique I chalk it up to two things... one being just experience... I have been selling on eBay for over 10 years and after a while you get an eye for what sells and what doesn't. Two being that the better you do at something and the more energy, good energy that you put into it the better it gets. Like attracts like so the more fun and success I am having the better items I find and buy more often to increase my sales.

For example I just found a Rogue Leather brand men's coat, retails at Nieman Marcus for over $600. The one that I found I paid about $4 for and have it listed at $199. You can't beat that kind of mark up.

I want to point out that although I am doing well with eBay right now and have been for about a year now of doing it as my job... I did run into a snag about mid May. I am chalking it up to the kids all over the country getting out of school and families taking vacations and cutting spending on eBay items. I went from sales of over $1500 in month down to under $400 all in a two week span of time... Panic set in and I was contemplating shutting down.

With the encouraging of my husband I stuck it out. I am not back to almost $1500 in a month of sales so it was just a dip in the market due to warm weather and vacation times.

My solution to this is to do more writing like I am doing right now. I have an ebay book in the works but if you want to get on with it now here is a great eBook that I recommend.

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