Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blogging For Money

For all you bloggers out there this is great news. It is actually why I got into blogging and then found out that I love it! There are 2 ways to make money well I guess 3.

1, You write a blog just like this one and then you sign up with Google Adsense and include Google ads on your blogs and when others click on the ads you get $$$. I am doing it and it works. The trick to this method is to get people to your blog so there is alot of blog promotion. I enjoy sending my blogs to free leads and swapping blog links with others so my blog appears on their blog and their blog appears on mine. There are many other ways to get your blog out there and if you go to and search for making money blogging you will find some experts that will show you alot of ways to do this.

2, There are Blog Sites out there who pay you to blog. I am not there yet but they are out there. When I dive into them I will blog about it here on this blog and tell you all about it.

3, If you already have a business you can blog about it and promote your blog to being more business = more money to your business.

So there you have it doing something that alot of people are having a blast with and wow you can make money doing it. I love life it sure is great when you keep your eyes and mind open to great things.

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