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How to Make Money in Affiliate Market

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Affiliate marketing is a great place to generate income without having your own product and make money selling products for 50 -75% commissions. Promoting Affiliate Landing Page will not make you money. You need to create your own Affiliate blog site...


  1. In order to generate income from Affiliate Marketing, first and foremost you need a website or blog site to post quality review about product you are promoting and have your website ranked high up in Google search page.
  2. Find a product to promote in your niche by going to ClickBank (CB Engine), Commission Junction, Linkshare and You can also search for a product you like on the internet and go directly to their website and find “affiliate” and you can become their direct affiliate. Search for product with higher gravity, good pay out on each sell, return rate, and future sales commission. Be sure to check for higher gravity, good pay out on each sell, retturn rate, and future sales commission to consider. Get your hoplink.
  3. Get a Domain for the blog site to promote the affiliate product with quality review content in the blog. Be reminded writing an article or story if you are not an expert on the subject should be avoided. . If you are interested in a particular affiliate product to promote, then buy it and use it so you can write a honest fact based review about the product, and there is no doubt your review will be much more appealing to your target buyers.
  4. Domain name should be associated with a root keyword for the product you are promoting as much as possible. Unique branding of the product with combination of product name and related keyword will work for SEO.
  5. Hosting Service. If you do not already have a Hosting Service, HostGator and BlueHost are recommended for using WordPress Template to build website. These Hosting Services supports WordPress and its installation is available within their CPanel. Each time you create a blog site, you install WordPress for that blog. All the themes and plug-in available for WordPress can be uploaded from your WordPress Blog and it will not require you to use FTP.
  6. Creating the site itself is very easy from the WordPress Dashboard.Log into your WordPress blog and upload WordPress plugins and themes from your desktop. In your Dashboard go-to Settings at the bottom to give your title for the blog and description for your blog on Tagline.
  7. Go-to Plugins to activate the plugins installed. If you don’t see them there, just do the installs.
  8. Go-to Appearance to install Themes if you want to use different themes.
  9. Go-to Post to start your blog.
  10. Go-to Pages to add About me, Contact, and Privacy pages.
  11. Go-to Media to upload photos you want to use.
  12. Go-to Appearance – Widgets to add pages in the Sidebar.
  13. Save each time you edit
  14. This is the most important part of the work for your affiliate website invollving your article and keywords search.
  15. You must take time on this one, because this is the foundation of your site before you build on it. This will make the difference between fortune and failure. Think about your angle of attack and draft your article to be posted in your website. Keep writing the article without any concern for keywords at this point to the size of over 1,000 words.
  16. After done writing your article, you are going to separate them into three posts and give subtitle for each post. Each post title should include keyword. Review your post draft and find keywords or LSI keywords within your post. This is where your keyword search begins… Witihn your draft posts you should be able to find some related keywords you are going to search… Your will edit your article and finalize your posts after keyword search is complete.
  17. Conducting comprehensive search on Keyword with Google Keyword Tools to come up with the Root Keyword (search should not consist of more than two words) and several LSI keywords to use. This is the important step for Search Engine Optimization.
  18. Find Less competing long tail key words to consist of 3 or 4 words.
  19. Must be related to buying or targeting a market that needs (problems) are closely related to what the product offers.
  20. Search Keyword with over 700,000 searches, but no more than 7000 competing websites. Check on Authority site as Wikipedia. If Wiki is ranked at the top in Google pages, you will not be able to compete. See if title tag contains the keyword, if not you will be able to outrank it.


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