Thursday, December 13, 2012

Writing Jobs at Home

Are you an ambitious writer looking for ways to make money while staying home with the kiddos? I am a stay at home Mom and do some writing for money. I am sharing what I know and some other great resources to get you started.

For me it has been a process over several years of trying different things/sites. Some worked and some didn't. I want to save you some time so I am introducing a site that gets through all of that and gets you going asap. I will also tell you what I am doing.

Here is the site that I am referring to.
Click Here For Real Writing Jobs!
Squidoo is one of the sites that I write for Click Here to Read one of my Articles I write articles and monetize them. Squidoo is pretty strict about what you put on your articles and will flag your articles if you are over advertising on them. The key with squidoo as with all article writing sites is to get as many up as possible and to tend to them often.

eBooks are a way to make money writing... Here is another article that I wrote about writing eBooks. Writing eBooks for Fun and Profit Which is another Squidoo article.

These a few ways that I make money writing... I hope you do as well as I have.

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